Guided Relaxation – Tranquil Garden

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Stress reduces our immunity system, weakening it.. stress can also effect people in different ways you may develop asthma, hypertension, ulcers, irritable bowel, free floating anxiety, panic attacks, muscle tension, hyperventilation, obsessive or compulsive thoughts or behaviours, phobias and social phobias. Through the practice of mind, body medicine which includes Relaxation, Yoga, meditations and mindfulness, stress reduction can be achieved however it requires a little work on your part.. think of the 3 Ps.. Practice Patience and Perseverance, you have more than you know…I’m a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Stress management trainer and Reiki practitioner omfitness relaxation/ Meditations will work on areas such as: Muscular & mental relaxation techniques Deep breathing Breath control techniques Positive thoughts Development of self-esteem & self confidence Elimination of what the body no longer needs   Enjoy the free videos they are made with love and remember to eat well…move more…smile…laugh as much as you can…treat yourself with loving kindness.. because you are a unique and special soul.

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