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Face Yoga & Face Massage Workshop

Facial massage is something you can do with a practitioner or on your own if you know how, this workshop is going to teach you a new very useful skill in self care by sharing with you a really simple massage routine step by step and a few face exercises to firm the jaw and neck.
It is a great anti-aging tool. And relaxing!


Benefits include:


      • Increased blood flow, oxygen, nutrients & collagen to the area
      • Soften lines caused by tension
      • Firm neck and jawline
      • Brighten a dull complexion
      • Can help with puffiness draining toxins


What you will need for the workshop:


      • You will need to be sat at a table with your device in front of you.
      • Have clean hands and face.
      • You may need face oil or balm to help your hands and fingers move smoothly across your face and neck.


We will go through each movement step by step then put some the moves together and do the full routine.
You can have the video switched off if you prefer I will ask at the start of the workshop.


omJane – I.T.E.C


Cancellations – Payment includes a non refundable £1 booking fee. Or we will simply move your booking to the next workshop.

Book now limited spaces!

Free Guided Relaxation

Video Information

Muscular relaxation reduces the effects of stress, tension, anxiety, insomnia, and some health issues. Once relaxed-guided visualisation will help to create a more positive and confident state of mind. Download or stream.

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Strength & Balance 60+

Class Details

Strength & Balance  is designed for 60+ students. Class content will include evidence based exercises consisting of postural stability training, strength flexibility and functional movement, I encourage working with breath & concentration. I offer all exercises in seating or standing format, we may use tins of beans a tea towel and a cushion .Join me from your kitchen, bedroom or any other space you can move freely, you will need sturdy chair, suitable footwear and a can do attitude 🙂



Tuesday on Zoom 11:00 - 12:00

Hatha Yoga

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My Hatha Yoga is suitable for age 50+ beginner and intermediate students , I teach with modifications encouraging the body never forcing, we performed with gentle strength, I also encourage turning the volume down on the mind so we can hear the body speaking, practice will include breath work (Pranayama) Postures (Asanas) and end in Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) we  use a pillow, yoga strap, tie or scarf and a yoga block if you have one  I use positive encouragement throughout the class and like to expand on the benefits of the movements as we practice. I look forward to teaching you from my home to yours.


Wednesday on Zoom 11:00 - 12:30

omfitness Pilates

iMoveFreely Pilates

Class Details

The iMovefreely program consists of techniques and exercises that have a proven success rate in helping low grade non-specific pain (including back pain) and also an improvement to back function, these easy to follow exercises precede Pilates Exercises to improve strength, mobility of joints, posture and breathing. The Exercises are performed laid on mats and free standing. Class ends with a short relaxation. 

Monday on Zoom 11:00 - 12:30

Thursday on Zoom 11:00 - 12:30