Exercise Orion 2023

Exercise Orion 2023 – Asthma is treated with medication. However, exercising, eating well and getting enough sleep can also treat asthma and reduce symptoms.

Regular exercise increases fitness and that goes for everyone. Asthma patients who increase their fitness level reduce the sensitivity of their airways to stressors and this reduces asthma symptoms. Exercises that control breathing, such as yoga, can help reduce many asthma symptoms.

Exercise Orion 2023

Exercise Orion 2023

It goes hand in hand with weight management and asthma control. Adipose tissue produces many types of pro-inflammatory substances that can worsen the symptoms of the disease. Weight loss can reduce the amount of medication needed by asthmatics.

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Asthmatics do not benefit from special diets. However, foods that cause allergic symptoms should be avoided individually. Alcohol can make asthma symptoms worse in some people. Asthmatics usually drink alcohol in moderation.

Waking up at night and coughing and morning fatigue are signs that the asthma treatment is unbalanced and the medication should be increased.

Asthmatics don’t need to be in a sterile environment, but it’s a good idea to keep supplies in drawers and behind closed doors, choose materials that are easy to keep clean and dust-free, and clean regularly. Two major multinational military exercises, Iniochos 22 and Orion 22, which will last until the first week of April, began on Monday in Greece and have attracted international interest as both include “realistic and highly desirable scenarios”. And a large number of participants are involved. the country

Apparently, the presence of French and American aircraft carriers accompanied by Charles de Gaulle and Harry S. Truman shows the scope and importance of the exercise. According to Greek defense authorities, the exercises, especially Iniohos 22, are “the most important in Europe and the wider Eastern Mediterranean”.

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Iniochos 22 is held in the large area of ​​the Athens Flight Information Area, with a total of 1,900 employees and 130 aircraft and helicopters of all types from 20 countries, as well as 10 helicopters. Sea level units.

In addition to France and the United States, participants include Israel, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, the Republic of Cyprus, Austria and Canada, along with Egypt, Albania, North Macedonia, the United Kingdom, India, Kuwait, Croatia, Morocco and observers. Saudi Arabia. arab

Orion 22 will end on April 8 and, as announced, “special operations projects will focus on exploration.” According to the Greek National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), it will “improve the difficulty of missions such as joint exercises for complex operational objectives, such as penetration into enemy territory.” PARIS (AP) – France is planning its biggest yet. The commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced on Tuesday that a military exercise with 12,000 troops of NATO allies will take place in the first half of next year.

Exercise Orion 2023

Uz Metier, the commander of the forces deployed from the French General Staff, said that the scenario called for a major conflict with an unclear foreign country.

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“The geopolitical context justifies this exercise,” said Metier, but added that the war games plan has been in the works since 2020 and was implemented following the French strategic review published in 2017.

The review said that after two decades of conflict with non-state actors such as jihadists, “we must prepare for a major conflict”.

“After the fall of the Berlin Wall, we allowed our Cold War dynamic mechanisms to decline,” he added.

European NATO allies Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy and Spain, as well as the United States, will participate in the war games.

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From late February to early May, the 7,000-strong deployment included naval operations in the Mediterranean and amphibious and airlift operations in southern France.

This phase simulates an intervention in a country ravaged by militias and a neighboring powerful nuclear state fueling unrest.

From mid-April to early May, soldiers will simulate an air and ground conflict with the powerful nation, including the deployment of 12,000 troops to northern France.

Exercise Orion 2023

Orion includes land, sea, air and space components, including cyber warfare, as well as wartime civil operations such as health services and transport, Metayer. France generalizes its “beautiful” military for high-intensity warfare wants to change. Eric Laval recently asked: “Could the French army survive more than 48 hours of wonderful but bitter conflict today?”

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PARIS: As the US military feels that the “long wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan have distanced troops from training for future full-scale peer-to-peer conflicts, the French military is increasingly warning of the dangers. Twenty years of intense focus on foreign operations at the expense of imminent threats.

So it is not surprising that in October General Thierry Burckhardt, in his first speech to the National Assembly as Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces, emphasized the need for France to “win the war before the war” and prepared to be . for that High intensity combat.

The current 2019-2025 law to modernize the French armed forces has been hailed by many as a good start for reorganizing the French military. At a presentation of the new capabilities of the army at Versailles-Satori (called PCAT 2021 for Presentation des capabilities de l’armée de Terre) on October 7, the new head of the French army, General Pierre Shell, spoke about the current . The transformation process as “the most important modernization since the Second World War”.

However, given the recent evolution of the geostrategic environment, French military leaders must balance quality with quantity. Without operational advantages, the peer-to-peer conflict of the future will not be won, they argue, while today’s advanced technology, digitization, AI and robots will have to sustain the traditional mass of people and equipment.

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In a recent study by the French think tank IFRI (French Institute for International Relations) entitled “Mass in the French Armed Forces: A Call for High Intensity,” the authors point out that “between 1999 and 2014, European countries increased their power is reduced.. Their tanker fleet increased by 66 percent, their fighter aircraft by 45 percent, and their surface ship by 25 percent.

Not unlike France. In fact, in the 30-year period between 1991 and 2021, the number of battle tanks increased from 1,349 to 222, the number of battleships from 686 to 254, and the number of large surface ships from 41 to 19. The workforce increased from 453,000 to 203,000, the study found.

As a result, Operation Burhan, which has been ongoing since 2014 and aims to fight terrorism in the Sahel, involves 5,100 French soldiers and 76% of French military equipment, resources and time are far from adequate preparation. For bigger and more difficult situations. For the past six years, the French army has been losing two combat vehicles a month and is struggling to maintain its readiness.

Exercise Orion 2023

According to the FED 2021 (Forum for Enterprise Defense) held at the Versailles-Satori Army Base on this issue, this level of disruption can lead to truly dangerous scenarios when used in the context of a high-stakes peer-to-peer conflict intensity. in the. October 13-14. In the army’s initial planning for a “six-month symmetric division level exercise”, it was found that “36% of the installed equipment was destroyed every month” and had a very strong and high failure rate, and – not surprisingly – support systems Cut fast enough to fix. and provide spare parts.

Iniochos 22, Orion Military Exercises Under Way

General Eric Laval, commander of the French military schools (Écoles Militaires des Bourges and École du Matériel), questioned whether the French military could survive more than 48 hours of high-intensity conflict.

“Today, the French army can hold more than 48 hours in a beautiful but intense conflict? High intensity means very heavy battles that can last from 72 to 96 hours and we are not allowed to lose,” he said in the FED . In such an environment, support and maintenance must be subject to denial of access and the improvement of security, he said: “In the front, the forces will have to recover as quickly as possible, and in the rear it is necessary to be reliable and competitive over time.”

Laval contrasts the effects of high-intensity warfare on equipment with massive casualties, affecting human lives and human and material resources. “Nowadays, the maintenance department can operate about 20 machines that are at a standstill due to lack of spare parts. In a high intensity, you are talking about 40 or 60 damaged equipment occupying the same unit.

All in all, it is clear that the French army is thinking about ways to win

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