Nordic Fitness Expo 2023

Nordic Fitness Expo 2023 – At the recent AFC Cup in the Czech Republic, we are pleased to announce that the 169cm Women’s Bikini winner, Denisa Kupkova, from the Czech Republic, has been named Player of the Week! Also having a great sports career,

After the successful return in 2022 of the old Mr Universe event, which was restarted for 75 years, the event has become one of the most popular. So much so that, as of today, 15 Mr Universe events have already taken place around the world

Nordic Fitness Expo 2023

Nordic Fitness Expo 2023

Before the Belize Olympic Committee and the Belize Sports Council, the Belize Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (BBBFF) held its elections and Guy Neill was elected as the new president. The Belize National Federation is a powerful partner within the family, reflecting the excellent work they have done in the past.

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Great success of the AFC Cup in Liberec, Czech Republic. Organized by the experienced athlete, Peter Brezna, the game was full of emotions and the players were ready to compete for the gold medal. Other contestants include Camila Przobohata of the Czech Republic, in a bikini, Antonin Hodan, also of

In the beautiful city of Rome, the Rome Diamond Cup was held, organized by the Italian Federation and its president, Mr. Benedetto Mondello. The Rome Diamond Cup has received a large number of competitors from all over the world, in a very strong competition that includes players among other champions.

From the tourist paradise of Seychelles, the National Federation organized Mr and Mrs Seychelles! Under the leadership of President Chantal Pinchon, the winners were crowned Mr. Ahmed Muncheri in Bodybuilding, Mr Raj Coliseur in Men’s Physique Junior Clementina Agricole in Bikini Fitness, Hamish Larue in Classical Bodybuilding and Savio Larue.

It is very sad that we start the weekly news with the special speech of our dear friend José Monteiro, the President of the Portuguese Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding and the organizer of this great event that passed away last week. A great leader, responsible and compassionate, Jose spent his last days proudly organizing the Diamond Cup

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The year is coming to an end and the 2023 calendar has already been updated on our website! From the city of Antalya, one of the most amazing places on the Mediterranean coast, full of history and entertainment, this is the best place to welcome President Dr. Rafael Santonga! make up

From Gothenburg and organized by the Swedish Federation, the FBB Swiftopen Elite Pro Qualifier took place. All the contestants showed their best form on stage like Abbe Benaouda from Sweden in Bodybuilding, Caroline Danbo from Sweden in Wellness and Mariia Zhukova from Germany in High Bikini Fitness.

The Slovak Federation, led by its president, Mr. Boris Msla, organized the best wrestling tournament! Takac Vladimir from Slovakia in the men’s division, Evelyn Borgay from Hungary in the women’s division and the Limitless Academy team in the team class They won on points! There is a very active federation, the Slovak Federation

Nordic Fitness Expo 2023

Athlete of the Week is Tina Hnatysyn, Bikini Fitness Athlete from the Irish Federation. Believing in strength and bodybuilding, she overcame the unfortunate situation she suffered due to a painful miscarriage. We saw her compete recently in the Women’s World Cup in Santa Susanna and recently

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We have opened a new section in the weekly news, giving special attention to the great artists of our sport. In this version, we would like to introduce Fayed Nasser from Kuwait, also known as “Cancer Warrior”, who is fighting against this terrible disease, and competes in the male fitness category showing the style of sports and games.

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