National Fitness Day 2023 Uk

National Fitness Day 2023 Uk – National Fitness Day calls on the nation to celebrate the joy of exercise and fitness across the UK and takes place on Wednesday 21st.

Our theme was how “exercise brings us together” and the nation responded with our most successful National Fitness Day to date – 22.6 million people were physically active on National Fitness Day!

National Fitness Day 2023 Uk

National Fitness Day 2023 Uk

Although this tragedy is still a cause for concern, we believe that physical activity can unite people and encourage them to take responsibility for their own health. So operators and providers across the country offered free sessions for people of all abilities, school children across the country participated in 10@10, and people took to social media to share fun and sometimes racy ways to get involved. .

National Mental Health Awareness Week

In 2021, we also announced a new title partner at TRX Training Club, which celebrated the day by offering free access to everyone on National Fitness Day, allowing users to enjoy their workouts. Direct.

The year 2020 is in the midst of a global catastrophe – the coronavirus. The health of the country has never been so low, which is why National Sports Day is so important – we decided to encourage the nation to get moving. Physical activity has been proven to not only improve our physical health, but also to have a huge impact on our mental health, self-confidence, social relationships and help us build better communities.

In 2020, we wanted to showcase the inclusive power that physical activity can have and celebrate it as ‘Fit Us and Us’.

Wednesday 23 September was our most successful National Sports Day yet, as we managed to encourage more than 19 million people to be physically active.

National Senior Health & Fitness Day (may 31st, 2023)

– We did this by encouraging providers across the UK to provide free opportunities for the public to be active in their communities. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have encouraged activity providers to offer face-to-face sessions remotely or online.

Bear Grylls Day brings the nation together to remind us why it’s good to move and highlights the role of exercise in helping us live healthy and happy lives, both physically and mentally. ukactive aims to promote physical activity to tackle the public health challenge of obesity, the UK’s response to covid-19 and social inequality across the country.

Of course, National Fitness Day isn’t just about one day, it’s about making decisions to change your lifestyle for the rest of your life, so we want people to share what they love about being fit and active all year round. to share .

National Fitness Day 2023 Uk

Use #Fitness2Me on social media – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. To show us what health means to you and how it helps you connect with others!

Important Dates For Your 2023 Wellbeing Calendar

Since its inception in 2010, National Fitness Day has become the most important day on the fitness calendar. National Fitness Day is supported by ukactive and formerly Groupe énergie, the UK’s largest and fastest growing fitness company, which founded National Fitness Day in 2011. Knowing that this is an event that will benefit the entire sector, énergie proudly “gifted” National Passive Fitness Day in 2014. We would like to publicly thank énergie for this and are proud to now increase the number of events every year.

On National Fitness Day 2019, more than four million people got physically active as a result of a day that inspired us to celebrate fitness, sneakers and movement.

More than one million children (2.3 million) moved on this day more than in any other campaign year, and schools and families across the UK took part in the 10-minute action at 10am as part of Program 10. @10.

The figures also show that Scots are the most active people in the UK, with an average of 87 minutes of physical activity on National Fitness Day, an increase of 27 minutes on 2018. There was also a significant increase in active travel on National Fitness Day from 23% in 2018 to 26% in 2019. This is likely due to the support of healthcare partner AXA PPP’s #MyFlyingStart campaign, which encourages businesses and individuals to get active before the working day.

Brits Spend Twice As Long Making Tea Per Week As Exercising

Dame Darcy Bussell, founder of DDMIX, this year took the Chelsea royal pensioner alongside local schoolchildren in the legendary dance fitness class in front of the cameras of ITV Morning Britain – helping to attract media attention. Reach the company up to 52 meters.

National Fitness Day once again took social media by storm, with the likes of Ashley Roberts poseid doll, Rudimental locksmith Leon, the NHS, the Premier League, Superdrug and Olympic legend Jessica Ennis Hill all celebrating the day. 37.2 meters

More than 1.25 million children and young people got moving on the day as schools across the UK took children to 10-minute sessions at 10am as part of the ’10@10′ programme. This amount has increased by 56% compared to the previous year.

National Fitness Day 2023 Uk

The figures also show that people in Scotland took an average of 57 minutes of physical activity on National Fitness Day. On the other hand, awareness of the campaign increased significantly across the country as National Fitness Day achieved its goal of creating a positive impact across the country.

National Singles Day

The expansion of regional participation and recognition of National Fitness Day was led by the #Fitness2Me Heroes campaign, where 12 heroes were chosen to represent the nine regions of England, as well as the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and inspire their communities.

National Fitness Day 2018 with Dame Darcy Bassell, founder of DDMIX Come Dancing Hard, led hundreds of people in a fitness dance class at London City Hall, in the heart of the capital. , with cameras from the BBC, ITV and Channel 5 – helping the media to reach 66 million people.

The event also proved hugely popular on social media, with 8,000 people on the day, including Arsenal headliners, comedian Stan Lee and Los Women’s Andrea McLean, who reached 64m.

The 2018 National Fitness Day trend was the first to fully count people

National Children’s Day Uk

More than 58,000 people were active at work – inspired by workplace partner AXA PPP’s ‘Flying Start’ health campaign, which encouraged employees to be active before work or in the office, by signing up at workplaces across the country for Official activity meetings of the day.

More than 5.1 million Brits made good on their promise to ‘get the nation moving’, laced up their trainers and got active on 27 September as National Fitness Day 2017.

Now in its seventh year, National Fitness Day is leading a mass fitness event in central London with Dancing With the Stars star Darcy Bassell. Hundreds of fitness enthusiasts and school students flocked to Paddington’s Everyone Active playground to join Darcy in her DDMIX dance fitness class, which went on to receive national TV and radio coverage, bringing the NFD 2017 media total to 62 million.

National Fitness Day 2023 Uk

Since then, National Fitness Day has taken off on social media, attracting tweets from Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Anthony Joshua and Davina McCall, as well as thousands of others. National Fitness Day has been Twitter’s number one trend since September 27

National Prosecco Day

Reached over 65 million total users (33% growth) with highly successful #Fitness2Me campaign.

To better measure the impact of National Fitness Day on participation levels in physical activity, ukactive invested in an extensive research process to obtain 5.1 million participation figures – the most accurate measurement to date. Using a similar approach to national campaigns such as This Girl Can, an active survey commissioned by research specialist ComRes to measure engagement levels alongside real-time figures from DataHub, register websites and additional reports.

Gym operators and fitness providers across the UK once again took center stage on the day, opening their doors to the public to offer free taster sessions and fitness cards. This makes it a rare and valuable opportunity for all walks of life to enjoy sports and sports to showcase the wonderful activities they have to offer.

National Fitness Day 2017 was the biggest day with various events across the country. With a number of events in schools and healthcare centers across the UK, partners AXA PPP Healthcare and Argos brought National Fitness Day to the workplace and the streets respectively.

Manchester To Host 2023 Para Swimming World Championships

AXA PPP works with its corporate partners to encourage employees to start work early in the morning or with an active commute in a campaign called “Flying Start”. Meanwhile, Argos is back on the high street with a series of events in its retail stores.

Along with this, UK music licensing company PPL sponsored the first ever National Fitness Day playlist. A playlist consisting of selections

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