Amatőr Fitness Verseny 2023

Amatőr Fitness Verseny 2023 – Weekends in Chapel will be exciting as the KIMBA gym will host the world’s most recognized sporting event, FITPARADE. Expect a record number of competitors and great excitement as it’s up to 9 IFBB Pro cards and becoming a pro. Fitparad is 20 years old, where the organizers raise the stakes again, because there are also 3 IFBB Pro competitions on the program.

The women compete on Saturday. At nine o’clock in the morning, more muscles, then health, then the ladies in the bikini category start the NPC Blade Sport regional competitions. Then on Saturday, the fight for the 6th IFBB Pro position will take place in the same categories at the IFBB Pro Qualifier. And new professional Wellness and Pro Figure competitors can compete in the Mr. Olimpia Kokeni Classic Wellness Pro and Katalin Jasztrab Figure Pro, named after Hungarian professional competitors Beli Kokeni and Katalin Jasztrab.

Amatőr Fitness Verseny 2023

Amatőr Fitness Verseny 2023

On Sunday, spectators can cheer on the male competitors. The Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding, Men’s Bodybuilding categories will also begin at the NPC Regional, after which Pro 3 cards will be up for grabs at the IFBB Pro Qualifier. Among them, an impeccable champion with a classic physique can participate in the Mr. qualification competition. Olimpia Fashion Street Classic Phisikue Pro, and as a potential winner, the sports legend can even fly directly to the Mr. Olympia. This will be the first IFBB Classic Pro tournament in Hungary. Matches can be followed live with commentary from Giles Thomas.

Minden A Számok Tükrében

We can also promote Hungarian professionals: Dr. Janvari Anita Pro Figure, Aisegul Besli Pro Wellness, Rihard Nagy Pro Classic Phisikue represent Hungary.

Megastar Peter Molnar “The Freezer” can also run Classic Pro. Peter qualified for this year’s Mr. Olympia Classic Pro, and also bested 212 bodybuilders at the English Arnold Classic. meets the classic weight limit on Friday night, after which he competes in the Fashion Street Classic Pro. Fans can also meet Peter on Saturday as his partner Vivienne Lengel competes in the bikini category, aiming to earn a pro card.

61-year-old Fitnaghi is back on the scene: Gabriela Koltai decided to compete at the age of 50. Of the three oldest daughters, Betina Nagy is the most physically fit world champion, so until now she only watched the competitors from behind and first stepped on the stage in Fitpara 10 years ago and recently on her 60th birthday. he decided to belong to the stage again. His grandchildren and great-grandchildren accompanied him to the tournament.

Chief Justice Becky Clawson is from the United States. Climber Ildiko Buranić is expected to win the bikini, fitness and Hungarian professional, but she also has a secret favorite among the men in the bodybuilding and bodybuilding categories.

Testnevelési és Sport Intézet

Candidates travel the world to gain professional status. I am proud that we have not stopped for 20 years, every year we give Hungarian candidates the opportunity to realize their dreams in front of a home audience, saving them huge travel costs and the stress of travel.

This is not surprising, compared to the size of Hungary, it boasts a significant number of professional candidates, more than 30 professionals. “Fitparada competitions have an indispensable role in this,” says the promoter of Fitparada. On Sunday, the MALESZ air sports competition will highlight the program.

Competition The Open Leisure System, although similar in name, has nothing to do with a domestic trade organization. The IFBB Pro League shared the sponsorship in 2017, followed by Formula 1

Amatőr Fitness Verseny 2023

Since the beginning of the famous event, the curator has been Dr. Tamas Deutsch, and the host curator is the president of the Hungarian Wrestling Association, Szilard Nemet. All competitions to become a professional will be held on the anniversary of Fitparade. The organizers expect more than five hundred applications from 40 countries.

Maximális Pörgés: A Fitt Anyukák Varázsa

Competition starts: October 15 and 16 at 9:00 a.m. The start of professional competitions is expected after six in the evening. Day ticket: HUF 10,000, children under six do not need to buy a ticket. More information here.

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You won’t believe how many stars Balas Žujak came out with – Photo A DVSC player watched the Argentina-Croatia World Cup semi-final here, a popular event that allows the whole family to enjoy active sports. The spectrum of sports is unlimited, but they all have one thing in common, they are all connected to the world of sports.

Between 2003 and 2007, the Fonik gym in Debrecen hosted the event 5 times, and for the last 16 years, Budapest has hosted sponsors and professional competitors from the Hungarian and international world of fitness and bodybuilding.

Obrovský úspech Fitnesky Michaely Z Čachtíc: Bez Trénera To Dotiahla Až Na Vicemajsterku Sveta!

In the Kozma Istvan Magiar Birkozo Akademia (KIMBA) gym, which is located on the bank of the Danube arm in Čepel, interested parties can learn about various martial arts and professional sports in addition to wrestling. , fitness, bodybuilding, outdoor training, martial arts, skis or pole sports in professional situations.

From October 14 to 15, 2023, visitors can be active participants in the event, enjoy sports equipment and sports, and taste the feeling of sports and healthy living, which can inspire them to change their lives. Shared experience plays a very important role in everyday life, so it is especially important to devote quality time to sports with the family.

Every year, FITPARADE® offers Hungarian athletes the opportunity to enter the history of sports, as IFBB professional competitions of sports and fitness stars such as Dani Toth, Jussi Toldi, Noemi Olah have been organized within this event for 21 years. rise to the international front Peter Molnar, Betina Nagy, Lili Rejos, Rafaela Mesaros, Patricia Fritz, Orsag (Zupan) Fani, Silvia Ying. 2018 FITPARADE® is an important event in the life of the Hungarian fitness community and in the history of Hungarian manufacturing. The owners and promoters of the multisport festival, Buranić Ildiko and Peter Sebestijen, have reached an unimaginable level for local competitors. On the Hungarian stage, in front of a Hungarian audience, even Hungarian competitors can win the coveted IFBB Pro card, and even new card players can compete in the next professional competitions. Professional competitors can participate in the Mr. Olympia.

Amatőr Fitness Verseny 2023

Since its inception, the event has been held at Fitexpo, providing the best perspective and exposure to industrial and commercial players in the world of sports and fitness. More information about exhibitors or exhibition opportunities can be found in the Fitekpo menu item.

A Fitnesz Magyar Kupa Győztesének Képeitől Még A Nap Is Kisüt

Dear guests! We inform you that we use cookies to improve the user experience on the website. By using our website, you confirm that I have won the two-day Blade Sport NPC REGIONAL tournament. More details – venue, registration fee, rules and more. – soon available on our website.

Saturday: Women’s Bikini, Women’s Fitness, Women’s Figure, Women’s Body, Women’s Body, Women’s Wellnessat NPC Regional and IFBB Pro Qualifiers.

SUNDAY: Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classical Bodybuilding, Men’s Athletics will be held at the NPC Regional and IFBB Pro Qualifiers.

Book your tan for the IFBB Pro Qualifier by clicking the link below: Book your tan for the NPC REGIONAL by clicking the link below:

Asztalitenisz Pest Megye 2021/2022

Anyone can participate in these shows as long as they are well dressed and in good health and have an ALL NPC membership.

Due to the COVID situation, the promoter has the right to measure the body temperature of the athletes and if anyone shows symptoms of the virus, the show may be banned.

Registration fees are non-refundable, but may be waived beginning in 2021. Fees and charges for additional services are not transferable to other applicants.

Amatőr Fitness Verseny 2023

Important! The registration fee is not lost! If possible, we would like to organize an event without spectators. If the date of the competition is changed in accordance with state legislation, the registration fees paid will be transferred to the next competition.

Fitparade001 Instagram Profile, Stories

For the Masters (35+) division, the contestant must be 35 or older on the day of the show. For the Masters Division (40+), the competitor must be 40 years of age or older on the day of the show. For the Masters Division (50+), the competitor must be 50 years of age or older on the day of the show.

Book your IFBB Pro Qualifier tan by clicking the link below:

The gym of the Kozma Istvan Hungarian Wrestling Academy Foundation was built at the end of 2019 in the 21st district of Budapest.

Dear guests! We use cookies to make the website work properly. By using our website, you accept our policies. AcceptA FITMODEL WORLD is a competition with a 20-year history. Hungary’s most popular fitness stars rose to the top of the management contract with the title of absolute champion. The biggest fitness and beauty talent show in Central Europe so far, but it can generate so much interest that it is no longer limited to a few hours. In this regard, he is now supporting the event as a main sponsor. On September 25, we are dedicating a day to the Justfit Fitmodel World competition, which offers opportunities in 27 different categories. No membership fee! The most promising candidates receive many valuable awards, work and media exposure. Every contestant is a winner in the world of Justfit Fitmodel because we offer an experience unlike any other fitmodel competition. In exchange for the entry fee, candidates receive a start-up package of at least HUF 25,000. The first 50 applicants will receive a financial aid of HUF 20,000 per person thanks to the support of Loft Dent. Online registration and payment of registration fee is considered complete registration.

Legyél Te 2022 Biotechusa Ms. Bikini Vagy Mr. Physique!

The JUSTFIT FITMODEL WORLD competition will be held on Sunday, September 25, 2022. More details – location, entry fee, competition announcement, etc. – About the 2022 competition on our website.

The NPC REGIONAL competition has also been extended by two days. More details – location, entry fee, competition notice and more. – About the competition for 2023 will soon be available on our website.

The IFBB PRO QUALIFIER will also last for two days. More details – location, entry fee, competition notice and more. – About the competition for 2023 will soon be available on our website.

Amatőr Fitness Verseny 2023

SATURDAY: Women’s Bikini, Women’s Fitness, Women’s Image, Women

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