Fitness Kisat 2023

Fitness Kisat 2023 – The Finnish Fitness Sports Association announced on Tuesday that it is planning a children’s fitness competition for the summer of 2023. The first competition is a practice competition where children and young people are not judged but receive personal feedback from to the jurors.

The executive director of the association, Ville Isola, said that the format of the children’s competition has not yet been determined. According to him, the presentation of the competition may include a fight, cover-up or dance routine. In addition, he said the games may include a physical round, which may account for 25 percent of the review.

Fitness Kisat 2023

Fitness Kisat 2023

Wille Isola, CEO of Suomen Fitnessurheilhu ry, at the Nordic Fitness Expo at the Helsinki Cultural Center in April 2019. Photo: Tanya Hino /

Arnold Sports Festival Europe

Citing Iltalekhti’s story, fitness entrepreneur and former fitness competitor Jutta Larm said she was surprised (and touched) by Suomen Fitnessliito’s plans to organize competitions for children. Fitness coach Juho Murtonen also said that competitions are not for the benefit of children (you will be delivered).

After the uprising, the union’s executive director, Ville Isola, told the media that he was still in his position. He wants 12-year-olds to play sports.

– As a result of the restrictions during the corona, young people are away from sports. Fitness wants to encourage young people to move and exercise. Young people are interested in fitness and healthy living. The appeal of fitness sports to teens and young adults is huge, Isola said in a press release.

– In my opinion, the competition format has sports elements that represent speed, endurance, strength and skill. I see functional paths and activities in the form of a fitness circuit, says Isola.

Suomessa Lapset Saavat Omat Fitnesskilpailut Ensi Vuonna, Mutta Fitnesstähti Pernilla Böckerman, 22, Pitää Ajatusta Arveluttavana

Fitness stars Pernilla Bokerman and Johanna Hermans, interviewed by n, are wary of children’s fitness competitions. But Hermans believes that if young people are interested in sports, it is better to start professional coaching early.

Despite having a diamond-shaped body, winning first place in fitness competitions wasn’t enough for Nora Yrzola – she found her place in a small house on the side of a mountain in Brazil. pictures for a long time. Although the basic principles of most traditional sports are very similar, the general public does not necessarily see fitness as a “real” sport: real performance is only a brief crisis – the greatest work has already been done. . Pictured are the participants of Body Fitness 2019.

Without Corona, the Turku Book Fair and the food and wine fairs organized at the same time would have ended on Sunday. Regardless, next weekend meat will play the main role at the Turku Exhibition Center…

Fitness Kisat 2023

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Fitness Kisat 2023

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