Bali Fitness Retreat 2023

Bali Fitness Retreat 2023 – , we’ll match you up with a roommate… or one of our private room options (no single room supplements).

Please note that each type of room package only has 1 or 2 rooms available, so you can book it a month in advance.

Bali Fitness Retreat 2023

Bali Fitness Retreat 2023

Get a free room upgrade if you book a Wellness Retreat in Ubud between January 5-10 or January 13-19, 2023!

Bisma Eight Ubud

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to room availability. Not valid for Shanti packages. The offer is valid for new bookings paid before 30/12/2022

*Terms and conditions apply. Not valid for Ubud retreats. The offer is valid for new bookings paid before 30/12/2022

*Terms and conditions apply and are subject to availability. 2 nights free accommodation is offered between scheduled holidays. The offer is valid for new bookings paid before 30/12/2022

*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to room availability. Not valid for Shanti or Divine packages. The offer is valid for new bookings paid before 30/12/2022

Yoga Retreat Bali

All Goddess Retreat packages include all 7 days / 6 nights private retreat villa accommodation with a special focus on surfing, fitness, yoga, wellness and healthy cuisine. Our retreats include surf lessons, fitness classes, yoga sessions, spa treatments, cultural activities and more, depending on the retreat you choose. There are no additional hidden costs. Two dinners remain open for guests to sample some of Bali’s divine dining experiences.

Absolutely! Most of the women on our Goddess Retreats are female travelers, so if you want to travel alone without feeling alone, we are the perfect choice! About 80% of our guests are solo travelers. Most of our guests stay in touch and make new friends after retirement. As a solo female traveler, Goddess Retreats is a safe and perfect place to stay.

Natural! Most of our guests are solo travelers. If you choose the shared room package, we will match you with a roommate.

Bali Fitness Retreat 2023

Yes, if you are attending a Bali Goddess, Wellness Goddess, Surf Goddess or Fitness Goddess retreat, you can switch between our retreat packages on the day you arrive. It is recommended that you let us know once you have made your decision and speak with the Retreat Guide immediately, and we will do our best to accommodate you. No matter which wellness retreat package you choose, rest assured that at Goddess Retreats we will do everything to make you feel welcome, cared for and at home.

Best Bali Fitness Retreats For Women

Typically, our Bali retreat guests are women of all ages and come from all over the world. However, every retreat has women, both young and old…and they all love to hang out. Our guests come from all walks of life; different ages, nationalities, sizes, backgrounds and goals, and we do our best to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and part of God’s family. At Goddess Retreats, it’s not so much age or nationality that unites guests; rather, a fun attitude and a spirit of adventure and all the wisdom they share with each other. We respect the different faiths and orientations of all our guests. Although we are a women’s resort (with female guests only) we have managers, gardeners, security and surf supervisors. Our spa team is all female and so are our main retreat hosts, but this is not a 100% female environment. Depending on their religion, this may be necessary for some of our guests.

We offer last minute bookings and other special offers throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on special VIP offers below. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates and special offers. We can offer special rates and inclusions for groups over 4 years old. To learn more, send us an email using the inquiry form below.

Prices for our 2022/2023 Bali Retreats are in USD per person and do not include airfare. Single travelers can choose a shared room; You will be matched with a roommate. Availability is not guaranteed without confirmation from the friendly store. Courtesy Storage requires payment within 3 days to secure your booking, once confirmation has been sent to your email. Bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard are accepted as payment.

START A NEW UBUD BACKLOAD CIGARETTE – Experience a transformative journey that will inspire you to clear the past and embrace the present moment with the goal of manifesting new beginnings in your body, mind and spirit.

Luxury Wellness Resorts Across Asia For Detox Retreats

Awaken your inner goddess on an Eat, Pray, Love-style private health and spiritual adventure exploring the mystical temples, jungle waterfalls and stunning natural wonders that surround the town of Ubud. Experience the vibrant life of Bali as you fill all your senses with new wonders at our private wellness retreat with our permaculture food forest, organic chicken coop and sacred temple.

Enjoy a wellness retreat filled with transformative yoga, traditional massage therapy and Balinese healers, healing aromas and a cleansing menu that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with new life.

Friendship and fun are a big part of our vacation! We offer the best mix of relaxation and movement, health and pleasure, with the joy of adventure and making new friends with other women on the same path to self-discovery.

Bali Fitness Retreat 2023

Our guests are delighted to know that the biggest surprise at our retreats is with the other women who share the week. Something beautiful happens when women come together and share their experiences.

Fitness, Adventure & Yoga Retreat Bali Indonesia September 2022 — Soultribe Adventures, Transformational Yoga & Fitness Retreats

That’s why we choose specific start dates for our groups, rather than open dates where people can come and go without ever experiencing the supportive, fun, and knowledgeable connection that happens when you create a special group space.

Our Goddess Retreat guests, Alice and Megan, share their experiences in our “flowering and uplifting environment” that leaves them feeling relaxed, empowered and able to see their lives in a new light.

Whether you are traveling alone or with friends, our retreats are the perfect place to escape to a divine paradise where you can experience the amazing culture of Bali. This magical island has been a favorite destination for its enchanting blend of healing healers, exquisite artistic culture and unique spiritual heritage, sacred temples with colorful daily rituals, friendly locals, warm waters of the Indian Ocean and an endless coastline of tropical beaches. Bali FreedOhm Wellness Retreat August 19-27, 2023 With Christine Fogarty and Shawn Alvira Finding Freedom Learning to Love What It Is

Illustration has many definitions. One is the spiritual/metaphysical concept of understanding the connection between all things (samadhi/nirvana). This type of lighting can be difficult to wrap around your head or out of reach. Another more accessible definition is conscious living. Living mindfully is living free from the burdens of unconscious habits that weigh us down at home, at work, on your yoga mat, and at the grocery store.

Bali Magic Retreat — Kelly Collins

Living consciously can change your life. Conscious life can set you free. Believing that self-awareness is the first and last step to this conscious and enlightened life, it is our intention to expand the possibilities of self-awareness to individuals and to move that awareness out of the realm of understanding.

Join FreedOhm Wellness founder and empowerment coach Christine Fogarty and her beautiful partner Shawn Alvira for an immersive healing retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

Deepen your connection to yourself and others by spending nine days and eight nights in the sprawling Balanesian paradise of Villa Selat. At this beautifully maintained retreat, guests will be treated to daily group empowerment sessions, yoga, meditation and healing practices while immersing themselves in the tranquility of the surrounding jungle. Nature walks, sacred waterfall adventures and trips to the vibrant village of Ubud are also included!

Bali Fitness Retreat 2023

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip with so many wonderful opportunities to connect, relax and let loose. We will be privileged to have you with us!

Bali Wellness Retreat — In Balance Wellness Studio

It can accommodate up to 4 people in a luxurious shared space; perfect for solo travelers or 2 guests traveling together

Sleeps up to 2 in luxurious private space – ideal for solo travellers, couples or 2 guests traveling together looking for private space.

Sleeps up to 2 in a luxurious private alfresco space – perfect for the adventurous solo traveler, couple or 2 guests traveling together looking for a unique, private space.

This suite was built with the adventurer in mind. A play between open living spaces and traditional interiors, the King’s Hut features 3 exposed walls and custom curtains for privacy. This cliff-side suite overlooks the jungle below and offers the sounds of the river and the crash of Balinese nature. See website for photos.

Yoga Classes In Ubud, Indonesia

A non-refundable $500 deposit secures your spot and covers your rates. 50% of the remaining balance is due by April 19, 2023 and the remaining balance by July 10, 2023.

The application interview is a video call with interview leaders to answer any questions you may have

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