Fitnes Diar 2023

Fitnes Diar 2023 – The diary is bound with a plastic disc lined with pages and a laminated board. This unique disc binding opens up a world full of creativity and seemingly endless possibilities. You can supplement your diary with notes, supplement it with functional pockets, or color-match it with extra-filled additions. You can also remove individual papers, move them to your desired location, and insert them multiple times.

The weekly calendar provides a good overview of your weekly plans and a place to jot down notes. Thanks to our monthly calendar, you can get a long-term review and better plan your time. In the diary, each month is divided by a functional divider with colored sidebars that allow you to quickly and easily fly between months. At the end of each month, there is a page where you write down your goals, thoughts, and summary.

Fitnes Diar 2023

Fitnes Diar 2023

In addition to other features, the Happy Planner Diary is also compatible with Happy Notes notebooks of the same size. Because of this, the papers can be transferred to each other as needed.

DiÁŘ A DoplŇky

Fully customized diaries are impossible. However, with the help of extensions, fillings and other accessories, you can assemble and assemble your diary as you wish.

For the disc diary, choose from the following sizes: Skinny Mini, Mini and Skinny Classic. A6 size is recommended for ring diaries and stitch binding diaries. If you still don’t know about your size, the Diary Finder will help you decide.

You can enhance your happy planning diary with a variety of accessories, sticky notes and fillers. Happy planner diary entries are write-only. Diary accessory finder helps you choose the size of the refill too.

Diary Accessories Finder helps you choose the right accessory. The rule of thumb is to choose the same size as the diary for the accessories. If you are unsure of the size of your diary, please contact us and we will be happy to advise and find an answer.

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