Exercise Orion 2023 France

Exercise Orion 2023 France – French soldiers administer self-contained breathing apparatus during firefighting operations in Canjouer, southern France. Photo: Nicolas Tucat/AFP/Getty Images

France is preparing its largest military deployment in the first half of next year, involving 12,000 soldiers, including NATO allies, its chief of staff said on Tuesday.

Exercise Orion 2023 France

Exercise Orion 2023 France

The situation calls for a major conflict with an unknown foreign state, said Yves Metayer, the head of the military delegation of the French leader.

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“The territorial context justifies this exercise,” Metayer said, but the war plan has been active since 2020 and follows the French review strategy published in 2017.

The narrative highlights the need to “prepare for conflict,” two decades of asymmetric warfare, often with non-state actors such as jihadists.

“After the fall of the Berlin Wall, we allowed the kind of cooperation that existed when the Cold War ended,” he added.

European NATO allies Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the United States will participate in the war, called Orion.

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At the end of February and the beginning of May, 7,000 soldiers participated in the success of the Mediterranean and amphibious and aircraft operations in the south of France.

This phase will try to influence the country where the military operations have been affected, and the neighbors of the nuclear power state have caused violence.

From the middle of April to May, the army tried to have an air and land conflict with the powerful state, which included the deployment of 12,000 soldiers in northern France.

Exercise Orion 2023 France

Orion includes land, sea, air and terrain, including cyber warfare, as well as social warfare such as health care and transportation, Metayer has said.

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We use cookies or similar technologies on our website to analyze traffic. You accept the use of cookies or other identifiers by closing or deleting this notice, clicking on links, buttons or continuing to visit this website. AgreeFrance wants to replace its “beautiful” army for serious combat As General Eric Laval recently said: “The French army today is beautiful, but it can last than 48 hours in high strife?”

PARIS: As the U.S. military realizes that the “long war” in Iraq and Afghanistan has separated the military from preparing for conflict, the French military has warned of the dangers they face. meeting. and a two-year focus on overseas operations at the expense of emerging threats.

So in his first testimony to the meeting of the country as the Commander of the French Army in October, General Thierry Burchard spoke about the need for France to “win war before war” and ready to use force. the war

The current project 2019-2025 policy to acquire and improve the equipment of the French army across the board is considered by many to be a good starting point for the transformation of the aid French army. At the presentation of the new capabilities of the army (called PCAT 2021 for Presentation des capaciés de l’armée de Terre) in Versailles-Satori on October 7, the new commander of the French army , General Pierre Schille, said. the current conversion process is “the most important modernization since World War II”.

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However, given the recent changes in the geostrategic landscape, France’s military leaders have resisted the need to restore quality and value. They argue that in the future, there will be no conflict between peers without effective work, with today’s combination of high-tech, digitization, AI, and people special metal for people and things.

In a recent study by the IFRI (French Institute of International Relations) called “The March of the French Army: The Battle for the Force,” the authors found that ” between 1999 and 2014, European countries reduced their tank fleet by 66%, combat aircraft by 45%, and surface ships by 25%.

France is no different. In fact, in the 30-year period between 1991 and 2021, the number of battle tanks increased from 1,334 to 222, the number of warships increased from 686 to 254, the number of ships increased from 41 to 19, and its main role. . The survey found that employment increased from 453,000 to 203,000.

Exercise Orion 2023 France

The final result: Operation Barkhane, an anti-terrorist operation in the Sahel that has been active since 2014, has deployed 5,100 French soldiers and 76% of French military equipment in the operation, instead exchange resources and time. Proper preparation. for large and diverse environments. For the past six years, the French army has lost two combat vehicles every month and has struggled to maintain its level of readiness.

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If used in the context of peer-to-peer conflict efforts, this challenge could lead to some truly nightmare situations, according to the FED 2021 (Conference for the Defense Industry), the story of the incident at the Versailles Army Base. October 13-14. When the army prepared for a “six-month symmetrical division-level engagement,” the cost of engagement was so intense and so rapid that “36% of the installed equipment was destroyed every month ” and – not surprisingly – failed. for. Enough supplies to heal and overcome.

The director of the French military academy (Ecoles militaires de Bourges et Ecole du Matériel), General Eric Laval, asked whether the French army could stay longer than 48 hours in high conflict .

“Today, the French army is very good, but in a high conflict, it can last more than 48 hours? High intensity means a very difficult battle that comes Voluntary lasts for 72 to 96 hours, and we have no right to lose,” he said of the Fed. Support and care in such an environment should deny access and increase security. said, adding, “In the front line, the force must be restored as soon as possible, and in the rear, it must remain reliable and competitive into time.”

Laval compares the impact of a massive war on equipment and its impact on human losses, with the massive impact on people and equipment. “Today, due to the lack of maintenance equipment, about 20 can handle the equipment without power. In an advanced situation, you are talking about 40 or 60 units of damaged equipment, and you will also pass this house. To solve this kind of thinking, the general has identified a number of possible reforms, such as:

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Taken together, it is clear that the French military is thinking of ways to achieve the challenge, such as returning to the old Cold War policies and economic plans, while maintaining its current deployment and asymmetric threats.

Several methods have been identified as ways to initiate this process. General Olivier Kornefert, Director of Operations for the Director of Military Services (SIMMT for intégré du mainien en condition operat des des matériels terrestres), indicated during the FED meeting that the mission continues to improve it the plan with 72 goals. % in 2022 and 75% in 2024, 1,600 recycled materials in 2022 and 800 in 2024, to achieve the “depth”, it is necessary to rely on the basis of protection business. “The private sector needs to get 40% of the hourly security workers by 2024-2025,” he said.

France’s defense industry includes eight large companies and 4,000 small and medium-sized companies with revenues of 28.5 billion euros ($32 billion), 80 percent of which use dual. According to experts, in the event of a merger in 1914, the work of these two uses will be particularly important for development. Of course, France still has a long way to go against its import dependence and the current long production cycle. (Currently, it can take three years to build a rocket.) This means the need to review the supply chain, which is made even more important by the COVID-19 crisis.

Exercise Orion 2023 France

However, the latter is good news regarding the defense industry’s response and overall military resilience. According to François Mestre, the director of marketing at the DGA, the French sales agency (DGA Direction générale de l’armement), although the Covid crisis has caused a 20% loss for French products copy at home, the business was completed in two weeks. to the military thanks to the constant discussion of the problems throughout.

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“Winning the war before the war” does not mean being risk-averse and ready for D-Day, it also means being able to deal with new, more and more combination of threats and asymmetric. Although France always tries to invest in the “full spectrum” of its capabilities and is present in many theaters across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific region, the threat result is a hybrid,

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