About omfitness

omfitness was created out of a true love for Yoga, Movement, Exercises and Meditation. My interest in these subjects is also fuelled by my own studies/education relating to the ageing process (my qualifications can be seen on the about me page). My teaching is now targeted mainly at the 40+50+60+70+80+ demographic due to my specialist qualifications. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you, to help and support you on your journey to develop, improve and further your interest in all things relating to self improvement.
So lets create a more positive, healthier, fitter and confident you.

I started in the fitness industry over 25 years ago working as an Aerobics instructor, Gym instructor and Sports massage therapist. I have also been a successful personal trainer. I continue to professionally develop myself keeping up to date with health and fitness industry advancements teaching only safe effective and as much as possible evidence based exercise. l completed a 2nd year Human Biology and Health Open university course (SK220), my fascination with health and the ageing process then begun. I have studied under some of the leading figures in their own respective fields, I qualified as a PSI (level 4/postgraduate level) attending Salford university under Professor Dawn Skelton . More recently I trained as an imove freely instructor allowing me to incorporate Instrinsic Biomechanics techniques into my classes, techniques/exercises previously only available to elite athletes and Olympians.

I gained my C&G 7307 cert in teaching and have been a Health & Fitness Adult Learning Tutor for the past 14+ years developing and delivering successful courses for the Adult Education Department in Barnsley. I have also been a guest speaker at events and lectured on senior exercises.

I finally achieved a dream of mine and started my own business omfitness I could not have accomplished this without the support of my husband, family, friends, and students and I would like to thank you all.